The Beginnings of a Schedule and Venues

Durham is such a great city and we like to show her off in style. We’re still working on an official schedule, but we’d like to highlight some of our favorite haunts that will be included in the final rally schedule, TBD, etc., etc.

On Friday night we’ll start the rally at The Green Room, Durham’s classic pool hall and bar, with enough pool tables to satisfy Eddie Felson. The Green Room manages to maintain a fantastic and welcoming neighborhood bar atmosphere without the second-hand smoke, and basically everyone agrees that their juke box rocks.

Bar manager and Incriminator Kevin Slater offers up a pint

The Incriminators’ Big Ass Breakfast will be on Saturday morning at Fullsteam Brewery, a plow-to-pint brewery inspired by the agricultural and culinary traditions of the South. Brews are courtesy of Fullsteam’s resident Zymologist and Incriminator Chris “32” Davis – if you like what you are drinking (and you will), you can thank him. Rumor has it that the Big Ass Breakfast will not include any meat paste, meat cones, or other meat oddities of questionable consumption…but never fear! There will be many delicious things to eat, so bring your appetite!

Skip to Sunday brunch, which will be at Parker & Otis, a former meeting place for the Incriminators that has a giant porch for outdoor dining, an excellent selection of beer, and a sandwich with peanut butter, honey, bananas, and bacon. This is a great place for brunch and you’ll head home from the rally with a full belly.

More venues to be announced! Stay tuned…


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