Countdown to FYBO 13

Only a few more days until FYBO 13 kicks off and we’re excited about all the scooterists coming into town – don’t forget that preregistration closes at noon on January 12, 2012. You’ll still be able to register at the event, but we can’t guarantee you one of our awesome tee shirts.

What do the Incriminators have in store for our guests in the Dirty D?

– Check in at The Green Room, Durham’s classic pool hall and bar, with enough pool tables and beer for everyone – pick up your patch, tee shirt, and rally bag on the way in

– Midnight ride to the Surf Club, Durham’s newest watering hole

– Incriminators Big Ass Breakfast on Saturday morning at Fullsteam Brewery with vegetarian and meatatarian options, lovingly cooked, baked, and fried by the Incriminators themselves

– Alex and Camper’s photo booth on Saturday morning – bring yourself, bring your scoot, bring your mom, we’ll take a shot at it!

– Swap meet and vendors at Saturday breakfast

– Long ride, led by Ton-Up NC

– Town ride, where we’ll hit some quintessential watering holes and shops in Durham

– Dinner at Bull City Burger and Brewery

– Saturday night at Motorco Music Hall means lots of good music, thanks to our soul DJs, <a href="DJ Midnite Cowbwoy“>DJ Midnite Cowbwoy and Lord Thomas, and our bands, Blood Red River and the Straight 8s! Trophies and raffle prizes galore, maybe some residual Friday the 13th gore…

– Say farewell at Parker & Otis with a fantastic brunch and a great beer selection


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