Child Care at FYBO 14


This year we’ve got a few options on Saturday for child care during breakfast and the afternoon rides.

First, the Incriminators will be providing child care/entertainment at Fullsteam Brewery during the Saturday morning Big Ass Breakfast. If you plan on bringing a child to this, please email Margaret Gillis at and let her know how many chirruns to expect.

Second, for anyone who might like to ride on Saturday afternoon, the Wonderland Enrichment Arts program at the Indigo Montessori School (the school Mini-criminator Sully attends) does a drop-in day care on Saturdays for up to 4 hours at a time. $40 per child, or $60 for two siblings, gets you competent child care and a place for your child to nap.

Wonderland Enrichment Arts
Indigo Montessori School
1101 West Main Street
Durham, NC 27701
(919) 687-0665


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