FYBO 14 Awesome – Mayan Calendar Obliterated

Incriminators dance party at FYBO!

Incriminators dance party at FYBO!

Thanks to everyone who braved the potential for bad weather to make it out to the 14th Annual Freeze Your Balls Off Scooter Rally! We were lucky to have sunny weather, lots of great vintage and new scooters and motorcycles, good booze, good food, good music, and the absence of strange meat products at the Incriminators’ Big Ass Breakfast.

Feel free to post links to your photo pages in the comments section of this post and/or upload them to Scoot.net.

Here are some photos Stephen Sellars posted on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com//photos/30022240%40N05/sets/72157632569979893/show/

Thanks again for braving the apocalypse – see you next year!



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