Durham Rescue Mission to Receive Rally Donation


After the rally and after expenses are paid, The Incriminators Scooter Club donates the remaining proceeds of the Freeze Your Balls Off Rally to a local charity – this year’s worthy recipient is the Durham Rescue Mission, Durham’s oldest and largest long-term homeless shelter, which provides food, clothing, permanent supportive housing, vocational training, counseling, job placement, education, accountability and much more to people in need in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh. This cold snap has us all glad for shelter, so we felt it was fitting to donate to an organization that helps those that do not, you know, because freezing your balls off should be a choice, not a necessity.


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One response to “Durham Rescue Mission to Receive Rally Donation

  • jake

    another good one done and gone, well done incriminators and the peeps from durham! always a fun time w/good people, good scooters, and fine wrap party. really enjoyed the bands and all around fun.always great seeing/meeting scooter people from near and far. i need to get a hold of some of that stripper money that ADAM MUSSON brought from cha!

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