Avoid eye contact and hide your valuables: FYBO is here

Despite our best efforts, people actually showed up. If you can’t make it to the Big Ass Breakfast, you can still join us tonight, at Monkey Bottom!

The spark between us

Longtime FYBO sponsor Combustion Cycles knows it’s important to use both proper lubrication and durable protection when things get hot and heavy. That’s why they’ve contributed a huge load of items to FYBO 2020’s raffle.

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Size matters

Sausage Bomber

To firmly lay to rest the rumors that FYBO was conceived by twisted scooterists, drenched with innuendo, sponsor Katsu Entertainment has generously contributed copies of its totally-serious blockbuster game, Sausage Bomber to the FYBO raffle. Let your fingers explore below the fold and come with us to learn more.

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When you speak of this, and you will, remember: Hindsight is 2020

If there’s one thing FYBO is famous for, it’s the Big Ass Breakfast, at Durty Bull brewery on Saturday morning.

If there’s two things FYBO is famous for, it’s the Big Ass Breakfast and the uh… questionable entertainment options included in our raffle prizes.

As in years’ past, our crack team of prurient pornography procurement professionals ventured to Durham’s finest adult video store and raided the clearance rack.

Follow us down the rabbit hole, for a closer look at some of our raffle prizes…

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Things are looking up, chief. FYBO 2020 is happening. (Really)

Big Chief

The FYBO 2020 schedule is still in progress, but here’s a sneak-peek. Be sure to check the Schedule page for the latest info and locations.


7:00 p.m. – The Green Room (1108 Broad Street) Pool, beer, and antics inside, meet and greet your fellow FYBOers…

7:00 p.m. – The Atomic Fern (108 E. Parrish St): Have some drinks at Incriminators President Kevin Slater’s bar! (No emoluments – it’s a blind-drunk trust!) Beer, board games, and antics inside, meet and greet your fellow FYBOers…


10:00 a.m. – Durty Bull Brewery (206 Broadway Street): Incriminators’ Big Ass Breakfast and Scooter/Motorcycle Contest

12:30/1:00p.m. (ish) – Long ride or short ride, your choice!  

5:00 p.m. – Dinner wherever you like – see our restaurant recommendations for Durham’s finest!

8:00 p.m. – Come party at Monkey Bottom Collaborative (609 Trent Dr), Durham – costumes encouraged. Do it.

  • If you don’t have a wristband for a weekend pass and/or just want to come out Saturday night and party with us, admission to FBYO Saturday Night is $10.00


10:00 a.m. – Brunch at Parker and Otis (112 S. Duke St): Plenty of outdoor seating!

Creme Cabaret at FYBO Saturday Night

This just in! Due to everyone submitting fake acts for the talent show (super sad that Puppetry of the Penis was a joke), we actually have no real acts for the talent show, BUT WE CAN DO EVEN BETTER. We’ve got the Creme Cabaret lined up as your entertainment in place of the talent show, a display of burlesque gorgeousness and awesomeness for FYBO Saturday night! DJs start at 8:00 p.m., burlesque show starts at 9:00 p.m., with two sets and DJs during intermission.


“The Forbidden Femme” is the lady with all the class, sass and that ASS! Meka is the producer of the local burlesque show Creme Cabaret which features local talent and burlesque hotties from all over globe! Recently Meka was awarded “Most Classic” at the 2018 Oregon Burlesque Festival.  Since 2011 Meka has been lighting up various festivals from Edmonton, Canada to Como, Italy making stops most recently at the Nashville Burlesque Festival in Tennessee and the Bohemian Burlesque Festival in Prague.


The Twisted Beauty, Dangrrr Doll is a multi-award winning performance artist known for her stunning costumes and unique interpretation of burlesque. Hailed as “high concept” and “defiantly weird” by Burlesque Beat, Dangrrr brings classic beauty combined with pop culture savvy and a shot of rock n’ roll to the stage. This globetrotting bombshell is also the brains behind the high caliber touring nerdlesque production, Comic Con Vixens. Dangrrr was listed in the Top 50 burlesque industry figures of 2014 and 2015.


Inspired by both classic Hollywood starlets and the legendary belly dancers of the Golden Age of Egypt, Katalina casts a glamorous spell with serpentine swaying, graceful gestures, and heart-stopping hips.


emcee extraordinaire, has been singing, dancing and raising money for different charities in Durham, NC since 2010. Her bawdy sense of humor and quick wit has made her a crowd favorite amongst those  who celebrate the ridiculous and she left the rest questioning what the hell just happened. She doesn’t drop her boa around just any crowd and is excited to work with some of the areas most talented burlesque performers.

Viking Axe Throwing Melee on Saturday


This just in! The main stop after our town ride on Saturday afternoon will be Urban Axes – what’s more Viking and badass than throwing axes? There’s also a great bar, fully stocked with beer, so even if you don’t want to throw, you can relax and watch the action. $35 to throw axes, cards only/no cash, pay when you get there – they are ready for us!  Bring your game face, your ID (21 and up), wear closed toe shoes, and don’t be too much of an asshole…

For more information, visit www.urbanaxes.com and don’t forget to register for FYBO!  Early bird registration closes December 1 if you want the lowest registration price.

Registration for FYBO Ragnarök is now open!

Early bird registration is open through December 1 – only $15 for our 20th Anniversary rally and another $15 for a tee shirt with our awesome rally logo designed by Dan Smith!  Click here to register!

FYBO 2018 logo

FYBO Ragnarök

This may be the end to end all endings, or it may be an era of new beginnings for the scooter gods…regardless, the Incriminators SC have been at it for almost 20 years and we’re ready to throw a big shindig to celebrate.  Here’s what you need to know right now:

January 18-20, 2019 – put this in your calendar because this is the date, MLK weekend you’re coming to Durham, NC.

August 1, 2018 – registration opens!  You’ll get the early bird rate if you register before December 1 and you’ll have the option of getting a tee shirt with our sweet logo, designed by our newest BFF, Dan Smith!

Start planning your costume for the VIKING PRINCESS CONTEST.

Start practicing your talents, hidden or otherwise, for the Incriminators Talent Show, which will take place on the Saturday night of the rally at The Pinhook.  If you would like to participate, email Laura at caab241@hotmail.com with a brief description of your act, your stage/sound/tech requirements, how many people are in your group, and let’s keep these under 5 minutes or we’ll be having some Viking funerals at the end of the night…

We are excited about this year’s plans, more announcements coming and fun stuff is in the works…

Thanks for coming to our shit show!

Another epic FYBO in the books, thanks to everyone who came, rode, put up with our crap, danced like a mofo, and ate breakfast like a champ – see you next year for our 20th Annual Freeze Your Balls Off, mark your calendars for January 18-20, 2019!  We promise it will not be a shit show, it will be extra awesome, so make plans to get yer booties and your scooters here!

Also, if you didn’t get a patch for this year (because they didn’t arrive until after the rally was over), email Incriminator Laura Windley at mintjulepjazzband@gmail.com if you’d like for us to mail you one!  If you live in Richmond or Lynchburg, check with your local club, we mailed out a packet of patches this week.